Koutavos Environmental Centre

The Koutavos Environmental Centre is in the city of Argostoli in the establishments of the Management Body. It has been found it in 1997 by the Greek Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and since then operates for the promotion of the Cephalonian natural environment.

The Koutavos Environmental Centre aims to inform and aware the public for the ecological values of Mt. Ainos National Park, for the promotion of the Cephalonian nature and the nature protection in general.

It is open daily (8.30 to 16.30). The visitors can obtain information for the National Park. Groups of visitors like students, pupils or/and individuals can be guided inside the Centre or outdoors by the personnel of the Management Body.

The Centre has a standing exhibition with information and photos about Koutavos Lagoon and Mt. Ainos National Park. Also, there is a hall for projections.