The Regulation of National Park

You can download the Board of the Regulation of Mt Ainos NAtional Park.


  • Visitor entrance and stay from sunrise to sunset.
  • Εntrance and careful driving of vehicles.
  • Children under the age of 12, when accompanied by adults.
  • Outdoor games in the areas, specifically designated for this purpose.
  • Touring the National Park, while avoiding the potentially dangerous areas for visitor safety (e.g. steep areas, rock edges etc).



  • Αnimal grazing.
  • Hunting throughout the year, carrying a hunting rifle in the park.
  • Carrying plant cutting equipment and exerting any type of damage on the vegetation (e.g. cutting trees and bushes, uprooting plants, collecting seeds etc.)
  • Exerting any type of pressure on the fauna (e.g. removing or destroying bird nests, eggs or hatchlings, killing animals, etc).
  • Garbage disposing outside existing trash cans and, in general, polluting the area.
  • Starting fires and throwing away lit cigarettes and matches. ØCamping (e.g. camping trailers, tents etc.).
  • Free movement of pets (i.e. without a leash). ØVehicle movement outside the existing road network.
  • Parking at places other than the road spots, specifically widened for this purpose.
  • Damaging geological formations.
  • Disturbing other visitors.
  • Setting up beehives without proper authority permission.
  • Destroying or removing technical works and other items.
  • Collecting and transferring topsoil and firewood.
  • Product selling (e.g. consuming items etc).
  • Mounting any kind of sings. ØPhotography for commercial reasons.


The violators of the above Regulations are subject to prosecution under applicable legislation.